God’s Thumbprint

I am writing the first blog of this journey from 38,000 feet. We just passed over Israel. It is stunning to see from this altitude, because it is so green and yet everything around it looks like a wasteland. Our God surely has a green thumb, and he pressed his thumbprint on this tiny little nation.

God’s green thumbprint on Israel

I think God has given each one of us a green thumb. And each one of us is commissioned to press that thumbprint on the world around us. In about 8 hours we will land in a  beautiful nation that is green with vegetation, and yet is a spiritual wasteland.

It will not matter how well we speak or powerfully we prayed unless we leave His thumbprint behind. Job 37:7 ESV says, “He seals up the hand of every man, that all men whom He made may know it.”

Our thumbprints were sealed 2000 years ago with the precious blood of Jesus. Our aim is to leave God’s thumbprint wherever we go.

The Earth is full of spiritual wastelands. Wherever you are, leave your thumbprint behind.