And the Rain Came Down

Pastor Sal Massa

Yesterday at the prayer summit some time was spent seeking God’s mercy to grant relief from the drought. Today it began to rain. Gently at first and then a hard downpour that lasted for an hour or more. Everyone was praising God for hearing our prayers. Thanks to all you who prayed with us. A few more showers like that and the jungle will be green again.

The prayer summit will end tonight with a midnight prayer meeting. This is an annual event that begins at 11 PM and ends at 1 AM. They will be praying for India and America.

Dr. P.B. Manohar

One of the most colorful delegates attending the summit and Jesus Conference is our friend, Babu Manohar.  He is a Christian illusionist and a sought after speaker all over India. He uses his magic tricks to share the gospel in unique and astounding ways. He especially loves children and is often invited to VBS and other outreaches to communicate the gospel with his illusions. He is also a gifted writer of children’s books and devotionals. Recently several of his books were published in English and he was happy to give me copies of each.

Another returning delegate is Stanton James. We are so proud of his passion to preach and teach the word. He had attended the Jesus Conference and Servant Leadership Bible School last year as a student and left with a burning desire to study the scriptures more and more. He has taken the teachings he received from Sal and Tom and now has invitations to speak at churches in his state.

Philemon and Tashi

Faithful Tashi and Philemon are here once again. They have attended every conference since we began coming to India. They are the Bible Vision Team leaders for North India. These dedicated men go into remote villages and give Bibles to people who never heard the word BIBLE before. The Bible teams often are gone from their families for weeks on end. So far they have distributed over 350,000 Bibles. Thomas calls those Bibles ticking time bombs!

Sal has been preparing all day today for the start of the Jesus Conference tomorrow morning (Friday in India). Delegates are still arriving and many from the Prayer Summit are staying. It will be a tough schedule for Sal without his friend and teaching partner, Tom. He is teaching all nine sessions. Each session is 2 hours. I will be behind the scenes assisting with technology, last-minute details and assisting attendees with any requests or questions they may have.

Please pray for us in the days ahead to not grow too weary. Especially pray for strong vocal chords for Sal as he will be giving them quite a workout.bridge media | シューズ