Widows and Kids

It has been an amazing week of ministry for the Mission India 2018 Team. The last four days have been full speed ahead.

This trip was designed with widows and children as the primary service projects. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we conducted 3 Kids Clubs in three churches. Under the gifted leadership of Miss Cat, the team greeted 191 children in all. They taught them songs, performed a skit about Daniel in the lion den, helped the kids make a lion face craft, explained the gospel using the wordless book, and made gospel bead bracelets. They were then treated to popcorn and Kool Aid. As they bid us good bye, each received a beanie baby.

I personally was blessed by watching the team pour their hearts and souls into these precious lives. Some of the kids were from the churches but many were Hindu. We may never know in this life how they were impacted. What we do know is the Word of God will not return void but will accomplish what it was sent to do!

The most emotionally impacting experience has been the time spent with young widows. These women lead very tough lives trying to raise children without a lot of help from family or society. After meeting all the widows at a gathering last week, we broke into two teams and visited 11 widows in their homes in four villages. Each widow was given a gift package of sleeping mats, blankets and other practical items. Seeing the smiles on their faces simply because we cared enough to pay a visit was a blessing to us. Upon returning to QCI, we met for a report back session where the teams shared about the visits.

I could list what was shared but that would take too long. As we drove back to camp, my team agreed there are really no adequate words to explain what it was like to visit these sweet women.

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