Ooty Women’s Conference

Summer is in full swing here in South India. The average temperature is in the mid 90’s. So yesterday was a blessing of relief from the heat as we climbed the mountain to the top (36 hairpin turns) to attend a women’s conference. At 7200 feet, the temperature in Ooty was quite refreshing as it never got above 75 degrees.

The conference day was a wonderful event. The hall was donated by the owner of the Zion International Hotel. He is a wonderful Christian man. Sadly, he has received much trouble from the local authorities because he hosts Christian events. Being bold and courageous for Christ in India includes suffering and persecution. This man is truly under that cloud right now. Next Saturday he will host the End Times Conference at the same facility. Please pray that the authorities are blinded from the activities that are going on at the hotel. Pray for protection for this man, his family and his business.

The owner of Zion Hotel is on the right.
Next to me is JC, the district coordinator for a global prayer ministry.

Approximately 110 people attended the women’s event. Most were women but there were children and men attending also. The topic was about family relationships and building a Christ centered home. At the conclusion of the conference, many women came forward for prayer explaining that their husbands were with other women, and they were left to raise the family on their own. They were encouraged to pray for their husbands to return to them and be fully changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Precious Women of God!
My interpreter, Pastor Jacob, is fun to work with. He’s lively and animated!
The team received a warm welcome. We had a great time.

Today, Sal gave the Sunday message at the local Assembly of God Church. The worship was beautiful and the message was on loving one another. The pastor was very happy about the message and many people said they were blessed by it. Tonight the pastor and his family were our guests for dinner. Their church is currently conducting 40 days of prayer and fasting for their country and the upcoming elections. Prayer meetings happen every day at daybreak, mid-morning and evening, and they fast each day until sundown. To say we are humbled by their commitment to prayer is an understatement.

Enjoyed fellowship with Pastor Raj Kumar and family.

Tomorrow we will travel to Mysore to pay our respects to our friends, Francis Neurmonic and his wife. Their 34 year old daughter- in- law tragically died yesterday. She had a breathing problem but something went wrong and she was taken to the hospital. She died shortly after arriving. This is a shock and a tragic experience for the family. She leaves her husband and two small children.

Indian culture, language, and skin color is different from those in America. But trouble,  sorrow and trials are the same. Whether it is husbands who leave their wives for other women or the tragic loss of a young wife and mother, we are very much the same. We need the Lord. He is the only way to get through the trials of life.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  Psalm 34:18

The weeks seem to be flying by, but we have a number of events to go before we turn our hearts towards home.

Please pray for us this coming week.

  • Sal and Harold will travel 2 hours to conduct a Leadership Seminar for pastors on Wednesday.
  • Saturday we will be in Ooty for an End Times Conference.
  • Sunday Sal will preach at a nearby church.

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