At the Lighthouse

The first part of this week was spent packing and unpacking as we made our way to our ministry center in the Nilgiris Mountains of South India. Our jungle home is called Lighthouse, and it is nestled in a quaint village.

Cross Angle Ministry Center. . . The Lighthouse

We have watched this village grow from a rural area to a population of about 20,000 over the last 15 years. Progress here is obvious. In those early days there was just one doctor working at the small government outpost hospital, now, there are several private practice doctors in the village. The corner café is where we like to stop for chai and a treat called egg puff. People-watching is a favorite pastime. Being immersed in the culture has sensitized us to the spiritual needs that exist among these people.

Then I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the LORD; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God. . .  Jer. 24:7

Jainthi, one of the Joyful Weave widows, stopped by today with some samples of new styles for the purses and totes. It is truly a joy to see how invested she is in creating these purses and totes, knowing that the profits are used to enrich the lives of widows in need.

Today, five pastors came for a meeting to the ministry center to enroll in the next Zoom Academy course which is scheduled for June through December, 2024. All five are excited to attend the sessions. One of our former students came and gave testimony as to how the course had benefited him personally as a pastor, and how his church has benefited from the teaching of sound doctrine and solid pastoral leadership.

Pastors pray with Sal as they enroll in ZOOM Academy 2024

Later on, Pastor Raj Kumar and his wife, Sheba, stopped by. This ministry couple has been a blessing to CAM. They have given us use of their church building for widow meetings. Many widows have accepted Christ at those meetings and the pastor and his wife have personally followed up with each one. As a result, his church is growing numerically as widows and their children are attending regularly.

In less than a week the US Team will arrive. We have much to do to get ready for them. We are excited to have them join us. The next few days will include shopping for all provisions needed to feed and host the team; meeting with the cook to plan meals; Sal will preach at a church this Sunday.

Please continue to pray for our safety and that evil schemes and intentions be kept far from us.

Pray for the team as they travel not to encounter any delays or interruptions in traveling.