Adonai 305


After prayerful consideration, we made some changes to our schedule. We canceled three conferences from January 23 through February 10. We have decided to stay in Bangalore where we have many invitations to conduct conferences in the next couple of weeks. This will lessen the hectic schedule we would have needed to keep in order to travel to cities that are a far distance from here. We are staying in a lovely Airbnb in the heart of Bangalore. The sights and sounds of the city surround us, and we are completely immersed in this culture.

The apartment we’re renting is owned by Christians as is every other apartment on the floor. The apartment number is Adonai 305. Adonai literally means My Lord and is used in reference to Yahweh, the God of the Bible. It speaks of His sovereignty over all the earth.

Above our apartment is a rooftop. There is a Hindu housewarming celebration going on up there right now. Since early morning, they have been celebrating with worship, music and prayer to their Hindu gods. They are calling their gods to bless a new house that has been purchased. They blow horns, clang symbols, pots and pans, and anything to make a noise to wake up their gods to hear their prayers. I am grateful that my God never sleeps or takes a vacation. He hears us when we pray.

I am certain that there is a protective covering of angels hovering over Adonai 305. Psalm 91 promises Adonai will give His Angels charge over you. What a stark contrast to pleading with gods who can not hear or speak! Isaiah 45:22 says, “Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.”

Today we officially begin the conference schedule at a local Baptist church followed by two days at a seminary and preaching on Sunday. Please pray for a powerful anointing upon the Word. Pray that we are spiritually and physically protected. Pray for our coordinator, Viju, who handles all the logistics that take place behind the scene. Pray that all our electronic equipment works well and there are no power outages  (a frequent occurrence in India) during the meetings.