A Busy First Week

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The first week here has flown by. To be honest, it has had its challenges. Jet lag was a bit rough for the first three days followed by stomach issues for Sal and Viju. Sal’s first invitation to preach at a local church was cancelled because the church leaders were concerned that the authorities would interrupt the service and stop Sal from preaching. It seems to be a growing problem here  as persecution against Christians grows. In spite of the restrictions, on Thursday we were able to meet at another local church where Sal spoke on Walking Worthy of the Call.  We have conducted two ZOOM meetings at this church and this was the first time we got to meet the pastor and congregants in person.

On Friday and Saturday Sal spoke to the student body at a seminary. There are 120 young men and women attending the school. Their passion to follow Christ was very evident in how they worshipped and prayed. They paid careful attention to the teaching presented on Leadership and The Second Coming of Christ. Many were taking notes. Meeting with these students brought a fresh sense of joy and hope. A number of these kids are from communist countries and are getting their Bible education so they can return to their homeland to further the gospel. We consider them heroes of the faith and we know that God has great plans for them.


All the meetings were recorded live on Facebook. You can find the videos on Cross Angle Ministries @ FB.

Next week we have meetings with pastors from 2 states to discuss plans for starting a discipleship training program for pastors. The goal is to assist pastors with limited education to develop a statement of faith for the church, train up leadership teams and develop skills in Bible study and sermon preparation. This has been Phase Four of CAM goals since the beginning of the ministry. Covid prevented any progress to take place. We pray that we can get a good foundation laid now.

Jesus said in John 9:4 ESV. “We must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day;  night is coming when no one can work”. Prophecy regarding the End Times are being fulfilled like never before. Spiritual darkness has  gained ground not only here but around the world. The night is coming. The door to ministry is still open and we must do all we can before it is closed.

Please pray for continued spiritual and physical protection for us and Viju’s family.

Pray that we have no interference from authorities during our upcoming meetings.